Rider Development Course

We have been working over the last few years to create a riding school that can accommodate several different riding levels. What we have come up with is the Apex Rider Development Course.
This course is designed with the riders needs in mind and within the course structure we are able to custom tailor a class that meets specific rider needs. There are three levels that we have developed which are Intermediate, Advanced and Racer only. What we have determined from many years of research is that these levels are the ones that can benefit the most from what we are teaching.

There are base curriculum areas that we teach in all of the schools but based on the individual class, we add some things that are important to that skill level. Things like riding position, Vision and cornering techniques, acceleration, braking and panic control, motorcycle suspension basics and theory and nutrition and hydration are basic to all of our classes. These things are a bit different from the three levels but all are taught.

Specific things like race starts, traffic negotiation, flags and other things are only in the racer only school.

In addition to classroom sessions throughout the day, we do on track coaching and get on board video of each rider. This video is then analyzed and reviewed during end of the day critiques.

Each school is a one day course where we have 20 minutes of riding every hour and 40 minutes of classroom throughout the day.

School tuition is $320.00 per day and does not include your track day fees that the track or track day organization charges. This includes your day of school, a Zip drive with your riding videos on it and the Track Guide that is used in the class during the day.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at timhunt71@gmail.com or 615-594-7244
School schedule is posted on our web site and facebook pages.